About Blue-Gray Rhapsody
Blue-Gray Rhapsody gets its name as a homage to Project: A-ko – Blue Side and Gray Side. These were “gaiden” or “side-stories” to the canonical Project: A-ko series of movies. And in that same sense, BGR is “gaiden” to the canonical Peppermint Saga series. BGR takes place in an alternate reality where Peppermint is a princess and her homeworld is part of the Interstellar Consortium. Basically, she tools around the galaxy in her custom spaceship seeking the greatest treasures in the known universe. While it is common to see “canon” Peppermint Saga characters in BGR, they will be drastically different than their main series counterparts based on the differences between the two realities. Another facet of this series is that it was originally conceived as a showcase where I could work with other artists in various “non-canon” crossovers. These stories would have no lasting impact on either the Peppermint Saga universe or their own. (unless they want to integrate it into their character’s bio, but that is a personal choice. I leave that up to each artist.) In that same vein, this series is far more whimsical and follows no long-term plan.*

Main Cast

Princess Peppermint – Second heir to the Palerian Throne, general of the (almost completely unnecessary) Imperial Army, and treasure hunting agent of the Interstellar Consortium. Peppermint loves nothing more than big heists and big paydays. She’s not afraid to spelunker the darkest tombs to find the best shineys. She could be called a spacefaring-hottie Indiana Jones if she gave half a damn about science or history. But a lot of the time she also just gets fucked. Literally and figuratively. (she likes the former. A lot. And with anything with a pulse, pretty much.) She carries a talking sword named Truth. A sword that was handed down for generations in her family. She’s frequently amused by the ancient sage’s perversion, and likes the fact that his psionic enhancements make her able to taste colors when she has an orgasm.

Truth – Arguably only the SECOND biggest perv in the Blue-Gray Rhapsody universe. This version of our favorite lech spirit-in-a-sword is a tiny bit more subdued than his alternate universe counterpart due in LARGE part to Princess Peppermint’s ridiculously voracious appetite for sex. As a result, he doesn’t have to work so hard to get people around him to get it on. Like his namesake, he generally tells the truth (from a certain point of view) and is far more adviser to the Princess than Lord Arlen (much to Arlen’s eternal chagrin) ever could be. They travel together and are virtually inseparable. Being over 1000 years old, though, gives him a unique perspective and he is always using his incredible psychic gifts to help Peppermint find the biggest booty… even if that booty happens to be attached to some hot guy or hot girl. (He’s not fussy)

Scar – As an acolyte of the Goddess T’Londra, Scar is fairly adept at pleasuring anyone and everyone, as well as being one hell of a bang-up monk. His skills and speed as a martial artist know few parallels. He’s also about as amusing as watching paint dry. But, when you take fucking as seriously as he does, it’s no wonder he’s become a bit of a stoic. Don’t get us wrong: he has a great sense of humor. (No, really!) But Scar takes his solemn oath to seek pleasure in all its forms very seriously. As such, he has little time for other frivolous concerns. Scar also serves as Princess Peppermint’s advisor on spirituality and matters of self-defense, as well as being her bodyguard when she goes into more dangerous situations. As a side note for both the gentlemen and the ladies: Scar excels in unarmed combat, but don’t assume he’s unarmed. He’s packing a 14″ Louisville Slugger in his pants, and he isn’t shy about how to use it when it comes to destroying pussy or ass. I hear some size queens are into that. /shrug

Faith – Faith is an Esper Mage of the Twelfth Order, thief and general pain-in-the-ass when it comes to Peppermint’s capers. In this incarnation, she is constantly at odds with our heroes as she fancies herself to be quite a treasure hunter and sees herself as Peppermint’s greatest rival. If only she demonstrated as much competency with her research as she does with a spellbook, that delusion might end up being true one day. Her skills with both psychic and mystical energies are exceptional, too bad neither of those skills have been able to relieve a little “problem” she has, namely the fact that every time she has an orgasm, she falls asleep and can’t remember it. It’s garnered her the nickname “Fainting Faith”, and causes her no end to frustration. As a result, she has developed an extreme tolerance to alcohol in spite of her best efforts to numb her brain into oblivion. Perhaps someone will help her find a way to stay awake when she’s done checking out at the express lane…

Guest Characters (And Their Creators!)

Book I

Episode 1: Will/Aranel (Idol-Monkey/Warchief)
Sexy elven thief/assassin, appears often in his early visual narratives, but has been on “hiatus” of late.
Episode 2: Priss (DarkZuri)
Hermaphrodite Sabertooth-bunny; works odd-jobs to get through college. Sometimes likes to be the “girl”.
Episode 3: Lucretia (Designed by GlanceReviver)
Very distant “cousin” to Lavandula from Rose Slayer. And by “distant”, we mean not related at all.
Episode 4: Arcana (DarkZuri)
Quad-breasted, adventuring, dragoness. A warrior for hire. The eggs may or may not be her offspring…
Episode 7: Lucia Royal (UncolaMan)
Part-time maid and full-time socialite party-girl. How she got off Earth and landed in the Palerian Court on D’Gaeriya is a mystery for the ages…
Episode 8: Reddish (BlackWalker80)
In this version, a space bounty hunter chasing fugitives on the lam. Sexually adventurous and kicks serious ass.

More to come!