We’re about to learn one of Scar’s “dark secrets”…

Also, sorry for being a huge fucking asshole! BlackWalker actually had this page done some time ago, as well as page 9, and I am just now posting it. You may notice the date says 1/10/2016 as the publishing date. I’ve been… distracted. Partly because I was getting Vol. 1 of BGR ready for DriveThru Comics!


The new compilation has a number of things updated and improved, especially some of the lettering near the end of Episode 3. At the back is a previously “lost” pinup by Tabe-chan, who ALMOST became our series artist, as well as a little photo essay outlining the early growing pains of BGR as we spent almost FIVE YEARS trying to get it made! Well worth your $4.99US. Be looking for vol. 2 “The Saint-Tail Era” in a couple weeks. ;3

Oh, and starting with Episode 7: “Gettin’ it Cumming and Going”, we will offer individual episodes for $1.99, or you can wait until vol. 3 comes out in March and save a buck! Sweeeeet.