Well, it’s the page you’ve all been waiting for. Peppermint gets her togs off! This episode is a little different than the others as it is not necessarily about rampant sexcapades. Our benefactor requested something… a bit different. And since this story is told via the actions, without dialog (that was my personal choice), let’s see if y’all catch on to what’s ultimately going on. With that in mind, I’m not going to be very explicit in the comments here about the story.

That said, I will note that our benefactor, The UncolaMan, contributed our fair haired and skinned guest star: Susan Eloise Stoller! Eloise (as she prefers to be called) is a noble-turned-slave, but the specifics of her situation are… not quite what you’d expect for that title. As she is (was?) nobility, she’s also not super suited for this kind of labor.

So, I’ll give it a few more pages, but anyone care to guess exactly WHAT job Peppermint took on in order to get the money for fixing the vase? I know I haven’t given everyone a huge insight into any of the versions of the internal workings of the Peppermint Saga universe, so this may be a tough one to figure. But I will say, some of the backstory of the “Prime” version (pay particular attention to the conversation between Truth and Ember), and Episode 9 of this universe, and you might get some ideas.


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