Princess Galaxiana’s original design by KimiK-A and KitsuneYin!

I don’t usually do “adoptables”, but as soon as I saw this girl, I knew I had a story. Here’s the original auction: HERE!

This is the cover for the issue we funded via IndieGoGo. But, two years have passed, and as much as I want to wait it out and have Prettío come back and finish it, there’s no more time to wait. That’s my fault. BUT! The good news is, BlackWalker80 (creator of Reddish and artist of Eps. 8: “Getting a Foot in the Door”) did some beyond amazing lineart for this cover that I colored, with a wee bit of help from my pal Verias! Also, as if that were not enough, Oshigan (Peppermint Saga Ch. 2.5-???, KND Ch.2-???, Ship in a Bottle Ch. 4-???) teamed up with me and Verias to complete this saga, bringing Book I to a close. Now, IndieGoGo contributors above a certain level get the finished book ahead of time, but if you wait it out, you will get this one over the next 11 weeks. So, enjoy!