I can actually say it this time because the pages already exist. It’s only a matter of waiting for Tuesday of each week to arrive. I was a tad delinquent on this past Tuesday’s page because I had this delusion going that I was going to get it colored myself. Ha… ha… anyway, I spoke to our new series artist, Saint-Tail, and she’s giving the existing pages a once-over. We still have about 6 more pages of “Nocturne in Moonlight” to get into your hands, and handling the art after page 5 is going to be djouei, currently residing at http://djouei.deviantart.com until we get to the end of the chapter. Then, starting with “Tipping the Scales”, our fourth episode, Saint-Tail will be taking over full time on all aspects of art. I’ll pretty much be lettering pages since I always reserve the right to alter the story on the fly as needed. If things get really heated up around here, I may hire a second artist to handle some side-projects so I can keep everyone fresh, but since the current reader count around here is SEVEN as of my last examination of Comic Rank, I’d say we have some ways to go, wouldn’t you? 😉