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Is this thing on? Good. Just a quick heads-up: I have scheduled the next four episodes of BGR, and the titles and artists are as follows:

Episode 7: “Gettin’ it Cummin’ and Goin'” – A tale of self-control and futa tentacle girls. This episode will be drawn by Weremole dA Page

Episode 8: “Getting a Foot in the Door, Space Cowboy” – Foot worship and piledrivers. Pretty much the entire BGR cast gets involved as Space Bounty Hunter Reddish arrives on the scene to take narcoleptic catgirl bandit Faith into custody. Reddish and illustration by Blackwalker80 dA Page

Episode 9: “Breaking the Habit” – Peppermint now finds herself on the wrong end of the law and must hide from the Office of Inquisitors at a monastery dedicated to the Sex Goddess T’Londra! Peppermint tips the scales on a cute dragonish acolyte of the goddess with some quick shibari action. Sweet and sexy illustrations by Amena-dono! dA Page

Episode 10: “The Weight of a Galaxy” – In the final chapter of Book I, Peppermint finds herself escorting a young girl with an incredible secret. But it turns out that, in the end, Peppermint brings her not just into safety, but womanhood as well. This is a very special episode with an amazing character designed by new friends on DeviantArt and drawn by your’s truly (with coloring help TBD)

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