Ok, before some folks get pissed about “double-dipping” and whatnot, slow your roll. This campaign is directed at one thing, and one thing only. Once you get your reward, you’re done, it’s done, and the fine folks who love both series get a special early Christmas present. What is that present? How about Prettío finishing off the first book of Peppermint Saga: Blue-Gray Rhapsody? That’s right, kids. If we land this one, she’s agreed to do the final episode of the first anthology of Alt-Peppermint’s AU misadventures!

Why are we doing this, you ask? Well, if we get lucky, and the Patreon explodes to $600 or more, Prettío will no longer have time to do much of anything else for me, monetarily or otherwise! She’ll be doing three pages a week and trying not to die of exhaustion! All in the name of quality smut. So, we’re trying to get this one in under the buzzer. We are asking for just enough to cover the expense of hiring her and some additional ad revenue to cover getting the word out there. Then we will not ask for more. (although the page *IS* set to flexible spending, which means if we hit goal, I can leave that door open indefinitely.) Also, there is one other HUGE advantage: did some of you notice there’s no PayPal option on Patreon? Indiegogo has no such restriction. So those of you lacking in the credit card department are finally free to help us out, assuming you at least have PayPal. So, please consider jumping on this train. Of course, if you’re already on Patreon, we still need you! Don’t leave! The existing updates are entirely dependent on it. Anyway, here it is. It’s open for the next 60 days.