I have to say, I wish I could hire all my artists forever. I’m especially pleased that Weremole has had such an amazing understanding of the material for this chapter. Now, I’ve seen much more of it than you all have, but I am really quite taken with it. I’ve already spoken to Weremole, and he will DEFINITELY be one of the 10-12 artists making up Book II when that launches next year. As well as our fan favorite artist, Prettío, who read over the new script for chapter 10 of this book and declared “It’s as if this chapter was made just for me.” (it was! XD) I know BlackWalker80 is chugging along at his own pace with Chapter 8, and what I have seen so far is right on par with what I want. Hoping to see some serious results soon from our Chapter 9 artist as well. She did some preliminary sketches of Peppermint and our acolyte (who is named “Isidria”, by the way), and I think we are definitely heading in the right direction. All-in-all, I am extremely pleased with how this series is proceeding. Now, I just hope we can get some eyes on the comic page and get some cash back in the coffers. You all can help us with that by contributing to the Indiegogo, which is about to go into “InDemand” mode. Basically, you can still retrieve the prizes listed from the original campaign, but every $50 over the 100% mark is a new page added once we are done running Chapter 10 on the site in 2016. So please consider helping us out either there, or on the Patreon for more Ship in a Bottle (and so much more!)